Introducing SEEDS and SONchain

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Introducing SEEDS – Connecting the Middle East

Blockchain in the Middle East is rapidly developing. As the face behind one of the region’s largest social media apps, “SOMA”, we believe that blockchain technology can improve the interconnectedness within the region.


SEEDS is completely built on the internally developed SONchain and acts as a first use-case of the new blockchain. The primary function of the token is to utilize existing social media apps to successfully integrate a coin into the Middle Eastern population. Despite its variety of functions, the main aim of the token is to connect the Middle East through its usage.

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SONchain – The blockchain behind SEEDS


SONchain has the function and easier usability needed for the perfect commercial application, and promotes the practice of the realization of the application.

  • Supports user account management and uses character and authority model to realize alliance chain participants management
  •  Supports a flexible configuration modification of all network nodes, whilst the configured data maintains high consistency
  • Based on the SDK interface to enhance a business developing process that is more consistent with enterprise software development practices
  • Supports the grouping of multiple copies to store files. It saves hash files on the blockchain to increase the storage and network synchronization efficiency of blockchain.


  • High transaction throughput and low time-delay
  • Optimization of transaction dealing processes
  • Parallel computing architecture


  • High frequency encryption protection for communication layer, user data and other modules.
  • Supports a variety of cryptographic algorithms, including the privacy protection algorithm based on cryptography. 
  • Provides the best practice in security and guarantees the safety of the whole network.


Although Currently focused on the Middle Eastern Market, our ultimate aim is to expand SEEDS to the entire world and enable developing, transition and developed economies the easy exchange and use of a variety of services and products.

Cross-Border Payments Among the Middle East

Due to their common culture, SOMA users work and live in different Muslim countries in Asia, Africa or Europe. This is a quite common user scenario and brings a large flow of foreign currency exchanges with high exchange fees. SEEDS makes this kind of exchange more convenient, through the tap of a finger only.

DApp store

SEEDS will provide a DApp store with the frontend built in SOMA Instant Messenger as a feature. This new technology will bring more value to users and will provides a diverse eco- system.

Game financing

The 1.6 billion Muslim population, of which 50% are younger than 25 years of age, has a large passion for mobile gaming. It is the named age group that has an extraordinary passion for online entertainment, shopping and social networking. Through gaming, the SEEDS token will be used throughout the daily life of many individuals in the Middle Eastern Region. SOMA’s and Instanza’s existing partnerships will make the token’s implementation into the app effortless.

Direct Purchase of Goods

SOMA has existing partnerships with popular e-commerce pages such as, on which users will be able to use SEEDS to pay for goods. Applying the usage of SEEDS outside of the actual social media app and experience will give the coin a real-world value that users are able to use.



Veteran users are incentivised to invite other users to the platform, creating an organic growth of the platform. Furthermore, users are welcome to develop new decentralized Applications (DApps) based on the SONchain. The DApp rewards developers for their first launch. SONchain developers will continue to work with DApp developers if their DApp addresses problems that users encounter frequently.

Personal Loan Services

The hoarding of cryptocurrencies leads to the yielding of currency liquidity. Although hoarding may raise the price of cryptocurrencies momentarily, the actual market is vulnerable. Personal loans are optimal for the balancing out of hoarding and profit from the currency circulation. A personal credit will be calculated from transaction histories recorded by SOMA. Users can trade and purchase with their credit while SOMA profits by users hoarding.


White Paper

Read the white paper and find out more about the technical advantages that SONchain and SEEDS have

Road Map

2011: Instanza, the face behind SOMA and SEEDS, is incubated by the Harvard Incubator.

2013: SOMA receives investment from Alibaba

2015: SOMA launches the app and receives ten million new users 30 days after its launch
2016: SOMA is the most downloaded app in Saudi Arabia
2017: SOMA has 34 million users

January 2018: The SEEDS and SONchain project is launched

September – October 2018: Seeds undergoes the main sale

End of 2018: Distribution of SEEDS tokens to ICO contributors

2019: Full implementation of SEEDS into the SOMA app

2020-2021: Expansion of SEEDS and SOMA to new markets in Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa.

Core Team

Andrew Bakst

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew recently graduated from Stanford University, earning his B.S. in Product Design. Andrew has previous work experience as an entrepreneur in government technology, an associate in venture capital, and an analyst in private equity, but now spends his time researching and investing in crypto assets. He is also the CIO of Bizantine Capital, a hedge fund specialized in cryptocurrency investments, and advisor to IoTW Cryptocurrency. 

Jay Mo

Chief Technology Officer

Jay Mo is an opinion leader in network performance, distributed databases, and decentralized technology. He is a former Alibaba chief scientist and senior director from 2009 - 2013. Jay Mo lead the development of Alibaba IM (Taobao Wangwang), with over 500 million users, and over 30 million PCU (peak concurrent users). He was integral in the construction of Alibaba Cloud Feitian infrastructure and lead the development of Alibaba Cloud email. More recently, he is the CTO of the SOMA Instant Messenger application.

Dr. Mohammad-Hassan Al Emara

Head of MENA Region

London based company which has developed several startup businesses including Continental Estates, which advises international clients on property related investments within the UK. The company has overseen over £100 million in contract exchanges since its formation. Hassan is a milestone achievement-driven individual with an attitude to succeed and the initiative to think outside the box. Completing a BSc in Biochemistry at King’s College, followed by a MSc at University College London in Biochemical Engineering. Hassan went on to gain his PhD in alternative energy with the intention of implementing his research based finding of deriving carbon neutral biodiesel from microalgae to a commercially viable venture.

Alexander Wilhelm Lempka

Head of European Markets

Alex is the CEO and co-founder of Coinounce, a Switzerland-based localization and marketing company assisting ICOs in their market expansion. He has acted as an advisor to ICOs and worked in various positions of companies in the FinTech space. He has an educational background from the University of Warwick and has acted as a blockchain enthusiast throughout the UK.

Sarah Austin

Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah Austin is a Forbes 30 Under 30, a seasoned entrepreneur, author, and award winning marketer. She is a graduate of Dominican University with a degree in Business Strategy, a certified Data Scientist from John Hopkins University school of Arts and Sciences and was one of the first to complete Stanford’s New Media Program.

March Zheng

Chief Strategy Officer

March Zheng recently earned in B.A. in Economics and Chinese at Washing and Lee University. March was an early investor in Ethereum, Neo, and Litecoin, and has become an active member of the crypto community, splitting time between California and Beijing. March is also the Head of Asian Markets at Bizatine Capital.

Roland Li

Chief Operation Officer

Roland recently earned his B.A. in Economics at the the University of Chicago. Roland has previously worked at KKR in Global Risk Strategies and as an investment analyst at Teng Yue Partners, before deciding to pursue a path as a day trader for cryptocurrencies. Roland is also the Head of Business Development at Bizantine Capital.

Other Notable Team Members

Olga Rogaleva

Olga is an employee at Instanza Capital, an investment arm under Instanza Group. The Instanza Group is the chief backer of the SOMA instant messenger applications.

Andrew Musk

Andrew is currently earning his B.A in Computer Science at UCLA. He is the Co-Founder of Blockchain at UCLA.


Adwa AlDakheel

Global Ambassador

Adwa became the first place winner of three Capital Trading Market competitions, a professional guitarist, an author of a best-selling book in Saudi Arabia, an award-winning poet, a squash champion, and one of the most influential figures on Social Media in the GCC region all by the age of 25. In a recent study done on the most influential Social Media figures in the Middle East, Adwa was in the top three along with Ahmed Alshugairi and Thunayan Khalid. With a reach of over 2+ million individuals on social media, Adwa’s content revolves around education, social responsibility, and lifestyle. In another study done by Ithraa Consulting Group, university students were asked if they had a role model, and 80 percent of the students answered Adwa Aldakheel - mostly due to her close age to these students. Because of her eclectic range of interests and subjects to discuss, Adwa’s personality and content appeal to a large audience from all different ages and background.

Gordon Lu

Deputy Chairman

Gordon Lu has been an avid technology investor as well as an executive director of numerous listed companies in the Chinese TMT industry. Before his proprietary business endeavors, Gordon worked at Goldman Sachs and China International Capital Corporation.

Alex Mashinsky

Vice Chairman

Alex is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several notable technology firms in the United States. He was one of the first developers of Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP), which has since been noted as one of the most significant internet protocols. Alex founded Arbinet in 1996 as a ​commodity​ exchange for telecommunication companies to trade unused long-distance minutes, Groundlink in 2004, and Celsius Network in 2018 as a secure cryptocurrency wallet and loan services platform.

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